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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

An Introduction

First and foremost I am a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend and quilter. My blog is named for my cat Tilly, short for Waltzing Matilda due to the little dance she does when she is trying to look bad and tuff! If you follow along you will see several pictures of her and my dog Kimber, named for a certain brand of gun because she tends to be a little pistol. Mostly I want to share my days with others of like mind. Those who fit quilting into their busy schedule who understand the need to create.  My quilting began years ago about thirty five actually. My two boys were small I was a stay at home Mom and I needed an outlet for my creativity. Over the years I have made numerous quilts. It started with scraps like so many and grew along with the growth of interest in quilting. All the new fabrics, tools, availability of quilt stores, books, patterns and of course computers and the connection with other quilters. I do some teaching of quilting and knitting and lately jelly making. I love watching beginners discover their own creativity and joy in learning a new skill.

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