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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

No time lately!

I know, I know I haven't posted in a few weeks!  But hubby went on a tear! You see the little kitchen in the little house needed some TLC. The counter tops were horrid and the paint was faded and sad. One morning my quilt pal and I were on a sewing binge and he just started tearing the old counter covering out!
I think you can see here why he decided it needed to go!
and go it did! Here he is deciding what to do next! Since this day we have been painting with nice fresh white paint on those dingy walls and a fresh coat of  lemon yellow on the cupboards, it already looks way better.
Here you can see he is adding a new top to level the counter and make a smooth surface for the laminate to stick to. While all of this is going on the house is a disaster area! Much of it he does without my "help" (I tend to be a bit of a klutz) so I have been doing a small amount of sewing and a large amount of paperwork (still on the job search) each day was a challenge but we are getting close to being done. He has the new laminate stuck down. Now he is doing the wood trim and back-splash which will look amazing.  So stand by! Soon like a week or so I will have pictures to share of a completed project. I am SO lucky to have such a talented husband this project has been really inexpensive, without his talent it would not get done at all!

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  1. I can't wait to see the finished project!! Looks great so far!!!