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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Sheryl's Birthday quilt

A while back I decided I needed to make Sheryl a quilt to snuggle with for her birthday. She has made several quilts that she intended to snuggle under, but alas someone always took them over and she has been left shivering! I started by looking for a pattern that included things she lovea. She loves John Deere but I could not find any patterns with John Deere lots of fabric but none that I thought would fit the plan. She loves hearts, and scrappy quilts, ahhh now this was better! In my patterns I had a wonderful pattern, the original was all in pastels. Now my pal is not a pastel type, she loves the deep rich colors of fall! So that is what she would get!  

Here is my version, after a few struggles. One day while I was working on it Sheryl showed up at the house for a surprise sewing day. The hubby saw her coming down the road luckily so I had time to hide the evidence! Then while I was trying to get it quilted and in a rush I might add because the big day was looming close, my quality control decided to test it!

                                                                                Well I think it passed the test!
I did not have the heart to move her! She was sooooo comfy! In order to finally get it done I had to put my Orca Bay on hold, now I need to get busy and catch up! Here is another view of this quilt.

The original pattern is from Piece of Work,   "Spring Tulips" designed by Kim Ellis


  1. It's very pretty! Nice job and glad to see it passed QC! ;)

  2. I just wanted to ask, if you don't mind telling me how do you measure for the border, I guess it's called piano keys, to make it come out right...I know this sounds dumb but I don't know how to do it...Thanks... dj

    1. Donna thank you for reading my blog! For this particular quilt because it is a scrappy quilt the border was super simple. The pattern instructed to stitch several strips togeather then cut them cross ways into 4 inch strips. Then you join them into one long piece as in a normal border. Then you measure through the center of the quilt in the normal manner and attach sides, then measure throuh center for top and bottom. Because it is scrappy you get to cut where necessary for them to fit. In a normal piano key border I think it would probably be different. I will do a bit of research to find a tutorial and send it to you, I would love to know how they do it too.