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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

OHHHH Road trip

There will not be much sewing around here today! My quilting pal and I are heading to town. No we are not hitting quilt stores...............dang! We are both on no buy due to the drated economy and no jobs! But we are doing the normal things girls do when they go to town. You know the drill groceries and have to have stuff. BUT the biggie here is we are doing it together which means it WILL be fun. First off we have about 60 miles to drive while we chatter and yack about all things important. Then we have the WalMart stop where we always have lots of giggles due to some of the crazies (like us) that frequent the store. There may be a Starbucks stop too which is always fun because of the decisions we have to make in order to have coffee! In any case it will be a much needed girl day! Most important it is a day with my pal which have been few and far between of late. Miss Tilly will stay home and guard my sewing corner; in between bouts of chasing her tail.

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