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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Play Day

I finally took a day away to just have fun!  I went off to a quilt class in paper piecing!  A table runner was in the works and I needed a day of no job hunt and no paperwork! Monday nite snow was in the mix on the weather channel and I hoped it would not be 8 or 10 inches my little car is too low to the ground for very much accumulation of snow. Yesterday arrived and there was not really any snow.
So off I went. I was sooo happy I got to go. I have missed being with other quilters and I really needed the jolt of inspiration and boy did I get a jolt. What a wonderful bunch. 

Before class got started we got to see this wonderful bed runner, the white background blocks are teddy bears all hand cross stitched! It is an adorable bed runner and done by a BEGINNING QUILTER!

This is the shop owner and our instructor! She had a hard time getting us settled down and ready to stitch, all of us had a bit of cabin fever so the chatter was non-stop.

Finally we got busy. We were noisey but we were all working on our blocks, this is a really beautiful table runner we are building.

As the day goes by everyone scrambles to complete at least one block.

Some are concentrating and won't even look up for their picture!

There are directions to read?  Really?  
Stop goofin off and get your blocks done!
Break time!  Show and tell             INSPIRATION  isn't this a beauty?
All her own design to showcase a construction panel! Pictures do not do this one justice.
Uh Oh a group meeting, what's up?  Did I miss something?  What's goin on?
Oh and then from all the cutting and pressing block parts start to emerge

fabric choices begin showing their true colors
all the variety
the first quarter of one block YAY
Suddenly the pressing station is very busy and one has to wait in line, and while waiting you admire the other works in progress

The first whole block! This is the teachers pet by the way!
Up close   isn't it grand?  Love those purples!
And another block reaches completition!
Our wonderful begining quilter got a half block completed aren't her colors beautiful? She also has a terrific sense of humor and kept us all "in stitches"   sorry I couldn't resist that!

And our over-achiever!  She got three blocks done, she also made that wonderful construction quilt pictured earlier! Her blocks are 1800 reproduction prints.

When all was done we had a wonderful day full of laughter and silliness, then for a grand finale we got to eat birthday cake, and the quilter it was for had already gone home! So we ate her cake for her.

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  1. Hard to focus when Tilly isn't keeping you in line I see! lol Looks like a lot of fun!