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Thursday, January 12, 2012

This is progress??

The weather was perfect for staying in and sewing! It was super cold outside, with high winds and snow flying around. So I put chile into the crockpot, got my chores done (after an early morning nap) dug out all my pieces for Orca Bay and started sewing. Things were going well, the phone was quiet instead of crazy like Sunday and all those little points were behaving. I was completely satisfied and finally making progress again after a couple weeks of not getting anything done on Orca Bay. THEN quality control showed up~
As you can see she decided to climb right into my basket of red string flying geese!  I did try to explain they are not ready for testing but she refused to listen.

She just proceeded to make herself comfy! I did finally lift her a bit and get enough red strings to continue; it is taking a risk to mess with her when she is comfy but I DID it.  I continued on and started putting rows together, I got the first two rows joined and laid them out on the ironing board while I sewed the third row. I was very pleased with myself at this point I might add!

The picture is not great, the sun was shining onto the ironing board.  One has to realize how attractive sun on an ironing board is to my little Tilly.

She rolls around and streatches and just enjoys herself!
OK I did not dare move her, no more progress on Orca Bay, I decided to just curl up on the sofa with my hand pieced baskets and a hot cup of tea.

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  1. She most certainly was not in letting you get much done today! What you did get done looks great though :) Good luck tomorrow!!!