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Monday, December 19, 2011

Little Baskets!

I use my scrap master ruler by Judy Hopkins to make these little baskets.

The measurements of the ruler are perfect for the size block I am doing, you could add an inch to all the measurements to make a bigger block. You would need to use a different ruler if you choose to do that.

 I was shown how to do these a long time ago and have become addicted to them. I have not as yet done a full quilt with them. I have used them for table runners, pot holders, pillows and candle mats.  They are quick and easy and I dare you to make just one. 

For each little basket block you will need two rectangles measuring 4 1/2 inches X 6 1/2 inches. One is for the background and one is for the basket.

Decide which one you want to use as the background (mine is the rust print that reads solid) from this rectangle cut one 3 7/8 in square, cut this square in half on the diagonal to make two triangles. Cut two 2 inch squares.

 From your other print cut one 3 7/8 in square, cut this square in half to make two triangles too. Save one

 From the other cut a 1 inch strip from the bottom, this will be your basket handle.
 Cut a 2 3/8 inch square from this rectangle as well then cut it in half on the diagonal to make 2 triangles..

Fold the little 1 inch strip in half (I just finger press them)

Now pin the strip to one of your background triangles and stitch about 1/8 inch from the outside edge, take the folded edge to the outside and stitch it down using an applique stitch.

Now you have your handle on you can stitch the rest of your basket together. Tune in tomorrow December 20  for more pictures and directions!

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