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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Another day with the doctor

Went to Sundance Clinic this morning for followup concerning Larry's eye and the metal he got into it last Thursday. It was not healing as well as the doctor felt it should. So off we speed down the interstate to Gillette! My little Focus prefers NOT to run at 75! Well that isn't really true I prefer not to fly down the road at 75 the car likes it fine. She still gets 41 mpg and does so comfortably. But I do not like going that fast! So we speed west right into a snowstorm, not severe just enough to make one nervous. REALLY NERVOUS. We get to the specialists office and of course wait-not very long actually and the doctor is not nearly so worried as the doc at Sundance. He does prescribe some drops and wants Larry back in two weeks. Another day spent dealing with something that could have been prevented if only the man had worn his safety glasses!!!

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